Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thanks to all, thanks to Shukri, Bro Siddiq, Che Din, Uncle Sams, Bro Razali, Rohaizat, Hakim Salleh, Aziz, Fadil Ismail, Fadil Othman, Hj. Saidi, Naim DJs, Din Foto, Ijat, Izam, Kak Za, kak Siti, Kak As, Kak Tini, Kak Izan, Cik Manja, Naza Video, and to all my friend and not to forget to all my customers who was hire me and my friend since 2005 until now. Its a new wind of change begining at 2010. Enjoy!

Wedding Photographer
Art And Designer
Potrait Sketching and Painting
WanZs : 019-6502783


cdqtech said...

This is something different. Gothic style?

WanZs said...

Something like Proper job, made by gender and they are the riser.huhu