Monday, May 25, 2009

Suhana Dan Thahir

Sabtu tanggal 23 MEI 2009 pukul 10pagi saya dapat call dari Jeff Andaman for shot weds picture at Melaka. It is very limit time to us couse the last minute request from pengantin, so kami pun rush to Melaka. Pengantin is very lucky sebab saya masih ada sebagai backup utk ADS di studio. Although im quit busy since 2 week lately but for pengantin yang dah nak nangis sebab photographer yang diorang deal sebelum ni from KL tak dapat datang at the last minute sad huh. I dont have much time...I can't say much here, just to upload a couple of pictures Suhana and Thahir weds... Happy Weddings Day, Dont Cry say GNR!

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